Climate Change and Water Security in Niue

The following activities are being supported under the European Union funded GCCA: PSIS project in Niue.

Climate change adaptation project

The ‘Augmentation of rainwater capture and storage in Niue’ project is supplying rainwater tanks to 45% of the island’s population. It is being delivered in combination with the PACC and PACC+ projects. Together, these three projects will cover the entire resident population of Niue. A polyethylene water tank manufacturing plant has been established in Niue to facilitate the installation of domestic rainwater capture and storage systems. Training in water catchment monitoring and maintenance is also being provided. The storage tanks will increase community resilience to climate variability and change, including periodic drought, and provide access to safe drinking water when the central supply is disrupted by extreme weather conditions and other events.

Further information:

Technical assistance with mainstreaming of climate change and improving access to climate finance

In Niue, the GCCA: PSIS project is supporting:

  • An assessment of the extent to which climate change has been mainstreamed into national and sectoral policies and plans (see a summary of the assessment).

Training and capacity building

As part of the GCCA: PSIS project, several kinds of training have been delivered in Niue:

Rainwater capture and storage systems- Partnerships to strengthen Niue’s water security