Climate Change & Water Security in FSM

The following activities are being supported under the European Union funded GCCA: PSIS project in FSM.

Climate change adaptation project

The ‘Increasing coastal water and food security for climate change in selected FSM state outlying islands’ project is providing rainwater catchment systems and improving water infrastructure in Fais Island, an outlying island of Yap State, and in Eot and Udot Islands, two lagoon islands in Chuuk State. The capacity and quality of household and communal rainwater catchment systems will be increased. The project will also provide information and resources to improve water systems maintenance, water conservation, an water education as well as contributing to the professional hydrological knowledge base with respect to the outlying islands of FSM.

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Technical assistance with mainstreaming of climate change and improving access to climate finance

In FSM, the GCCA: PSIS project has supported:

  • The 2013 FSM Nationwide Integrated Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management Policy and Act. These instruments introduce legal obligations, including reporting, for national government departments and agencies (see the Act).
  • An assessment of the extent to which climate change has been mainstreamed into national and sectoral policies and plans (see a summary of the assessment).

Training and capacity building

As part of the GCCA: PSIS project, several kinds of training have been delivered in FSM:

Improving water security for traditional Island living