Climate Change and Coastal Protection in Tonga

The following activities are being supported under the European Union funded GCCA: PSIS project in Tonga.

Climate change adaptation project

The ‘Trialling coastal protection measures in eastern Tongatapu’ project focuses on designing, building and monitoring the success of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ engineering measures working in combination along two coastal stretches. One measure consists of the construction of permeable groynes coupled with beach replenishment and coastal planting. The second measure involves constructing short offshore breakwaters combined with beach replenishment and coastal planting.

Further information:

Technical assistance with mainstreaming of climate change and improving access to climate finance

In Tonga, the GCCA PSIS project has supported:

Training and capacity building

As part of the GCCA: PSIS project, several kinds of training have been delivered in Tonga:

Buying time with better coastal management in Tonga