Climate Change and Agriculture in Tuvalu

The following activities are being supported under the European Union funded GCCA: PSIS project in Tuvalu.

Climate change adaptation project

The ‘Improving agroforestry systems to enhance food security and build resilience to climate change in Tuvalu’ project aims to increase domestic food security. Food security refers to the resilience of food supply systems and the sufficiency of access to nutritious food for the population. It will promote integrated farming practices that combine crops (agriculture) with trees and shrubs (forestry). This method can provide greater diversification, reliability and sustainability of land-use and yields.

The project will employ ‘climate-ready’ crop varieties that are researched and made available by SPC’s Centre for Pacific Crops and Trees and will diversify the crop varieties that are available in Tuvalu. It will also demonstrate the agricultural potential of land that is currently under-utilised.

Further information:

Technical assistance with mainstreaming of climate change and improving access to climate finance

In Tuvalu, the GCCA: PSIS project is supporting:

  • An assessment of the extent to which climate change has been mainstreamed into national and sectoral policies and plans (see a summary of the assessment).

Training and capacity building

As part of the GCCA: PSIS project, several kinds of trainings have been delivered in Tuvalu:

  • Proposal preparation and log frame analysis – November 2013 (see the workshop reportimpact evaluation and learner’s guide), March 2015 (see media releaseworkshop report, impact evaluation and learner’s guide).
  • Climate change and the media – July 2012 (see the workshop report and resulting climate change awareness video).
  • The project has also supported professional attachments with three Tuvalu government officers benefitting. The first was from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Rural Development and he completed a six-month attachment on a wide variety of climate change policy and planning activity areas. The second officer was from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trades, Tourism, Environment and Labour and he completed a four-week programme focused on gaining specialised agricultural experience through SPC’s Centre for Pacific Crops and Trees. The third officer worked with SPC’s Centre for Pacific Crops and Trees and she learnt to propagate climate-ready crops.
  • Home gardening project for women – October 2014 (see the workshop report)
  • Tuvalu agroforestry training for farmers – October 2014 (see workshop report)
  • National Lessons Learnt Workshop – November 2015 (see workshop report)
  • See Lessons Learnt video produced as part of a series of nine country-specific climate change adaptation videos in 2015:

Promoting local food production in Tuvalu