Cook Islands

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Changes in the Cook Islands climate 

  • Temperatures have warmed and will continue to warm with more very hot days in the future.
  • Annual rainfall in the Cook Islands is not projected to change but rainfall may decrease in the dry season in the Northern Cook Islands. Rainfall patterns are projected to change over this century with more frequent and more intense extreme rainfall days.
  • Sea level near the Cook Islands has risen and will continue to rise throughout this century.
  • Ocean acidification has been increasing in the Cook Islands’ waters. It will continue to increase and threaten coral reef ecosystems.


Country Information 

Geographic coordinates:                 Lat. 80S - 240S

                                                             Long. 1570- 1660 W

Total land area                                   237 km2

Exclusive economic zone (EEZ)     1,800,000 km2

Population (2010 mid-year)             15,708