Marshall Islands

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Changes in the Marshall Islands climate 

  • Temperatures have warmed and will continue to warm with more very hot days in the future.
  • Annual rainfall is projected to increase. Rainfall extremes are projected to increase. The frequency of drought is projected to to decrease relative to the current climate.
  • Ocean acidification has been increasing in the Marshall Islands’ waters. It will continue to increase and threaten coral reef ecosystems.
  • Wave height is projected to decrease in the dry season and wave direction may become more variable
  •  Sea level near the in the wet season. Marshall Islands has risen and will continue to rise throughout this century







Country Information 

Geographic coordinates:                  Lat. 40-140 N,

                                                               Long. 1600 -1730 E  Lat.  80S - 240S,

Total land area                                    181 km2

Exclusive economic zone (EEZ)     2.131 million km2

Population (2011 estimate)             55,000